Friday, July 1, 2022



GEWA Introduces Its First Portable Piano PP-3

With the GEWA PP-3, GEWA presents its first Portable Piano with a specially developed keyboard, two-way speaker system, app connectivity, and high-resolution Hamburg Grand...

Gamechanger Audio Presents The MOTOR Synth MKII

Audio electronics inventors Gamechanger Audio return to Berlin to present the newest version of their electro-mechanical desktop synthesizer – MOTOR Synth MKII. The company...
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Arturia MicroFreak Review

Keys Review takes a look at this peculiar synth from Arturia. Find out what curiosity's Tom discovered when we headed to the studio. Arturia Say This...

Modal Electronics Cobalt8X Review

Keys Review takes a look at the Cobalt8X from British brand Modal Electronics. Take a listen to learn what Tom discovered when he headed...

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Home Pianos

The NEW GEWA DP345 – NOW Available

With the brand new DP345, GEWA modernizes the product range of their digital pianos and introduces a new Smartphone Control App to the series for...

Broadway BW1 Digital Piano Review

Keys Review takes a look at the BW1 Digital Piano from Broadway. Take a listen to what Tom discovered from assembly to tone in...


Arturia Upgrades KeyLab MkII range With Velocity Update

Arturia have updated their MIDI controller range KeyLab MkII with a firmware update designed to make it more expressive than ever before. This free...

Arturia Keystep Pro Refined

Arturia has unveiled the latest free firmware update (V 2.0) of their do-it-all MIDI controller powerhouse, KeyStep Pro. This 2.0 firmware version will bring...
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Arturia Unleashes User Wavetables With MicroFreak V4.0

Arturia have unleashed another major new firmware update for MicroFreak, bringing massive new creative functionality for users free of charge. Firmware V4.0 elevates this hybrid...

Akai Professional Announces Force Feature Update 3.1

Akai Professional, a leading manufacturer of music equipment for performers and producers, is proud to announce FORCE 3.1, its latest and most substantial update...
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