High Voltage Synthesis – PLASMA Voice is out now

Gamechanger Audio, recognized for its groundbreaking innovations in the guitar pedal realm, now brings something exciting to the modular synth market with its PLASMA Voice synthesizer module.

This latest addition takes their signature high-voltage distortion technology to the next stage by utilizing the full potential of modulating the tube’s driver. That means PLASMA Voice is the first PLASMA product that doesn’t need an external sound source and is a fully independent voice on its own. In the broader context of audio synthesis, the PLASMA Voice introduces a new type of high voltage oscillator, expanding the electronic music sound palette and inspiring limitless creative possibilities.

How it works:

The PLASMA Voice produces sounds by controlling high-voltage electrical discharges between two electrodes in a custom xenon-filled gas tube. These discharges are converted to analog audio using a specialized rectifier circuit. The result is a diverse range of electrifying tones that vividly capture the character and intensity of a vibrant blue electrical arc.

The PLASMA Voice utilizes a proprietary plasma tube driver and electromagnetic discharge detector to produce 49 transformable SOUNDS across 7 BANKS. These sounds (or rather synthesis engines) are driven by complex digital algorithms, modulating the plasma tube driver and transformer circuit through various techniques such as pulse width and frequency modulation, sample pitch modulation, envelope time stretch, wavefold, crossmod, and suboctave modulation.

About Gamechanger Audio:

Gamechanger Audio was founded by four friends committed to exploring uncharted music electronics territories to create devices that provide real value while stretching the imagination of both musicians and engineers. The Gamechanger Audio team consists of daring engineers and musicians who above all value originality, functionality, and beautiful product design. Gamechanger Audio doesn’t compete with traditional audio devices but instead offers new, inspiring tools for music-making.