Yamaha Introduce CK Series

Yamaha is pleased to introduce the new CK series, comprising of two models, the CK88 and CK61. Building on the success of the stage keyboards from Yamaha’s renowned CP and YC series, the CK instruments feature a wide variety of sounds, intuitive controls, comprehensive sound design capabilities and highly portable formats.

The new Yamaha CK88 and CK61 are made to be everything and everywhere: combining sound characteristics of the CP and YC instruments, the CK series specialises in making those sounds available wherever musicians need them. While traditional use on a stage or in a studio the CK88 and CK61 can operate beyond the usual confines. The new models can be powered with batteries and with a line/microphone input and integrated loudspeakers, which also opens a world of possibilities to play on the move.

As a descendant of the popular CP and YC series instruments, the Yamaha CK Series employs the wealth of their predecessors’ high-quality sounds to create an even more versatile sound set. Pianos, electric pianos, strings, brass, organs and modern synths – the CK series has it all. What is more, CK88 and CK61 can layer and split these sounds into three zones or layered with each other to generate vivid, organic and expressive sounds. Each part can individually be edited and processed with the integrated effects, and the mixed sound goes through an additional master effects section for the final touches. From resonant filters and envelopes to various drive and modulation effects to delay, reverb and a master equalizer, the CK series offers every option to finetune sounds.


One aspect that has been praised about all Yamaha stage keyboards is the intuitive controls. CK88 and CK61 continue this tradition, putting all important parameters at the players’ fingertips. The architecture of the three parts makes it possible to easily and quickly switch between sounds and combine them during a performance, adding life to a show. Customisable colour coding of the various switches keeps everything clear, signifying which parameter is active for which part. Dedicated drawbar controls allow for on-the-fly adjustments to the organ for natural expression and a truly “organic” feel. The effect section enables quick setting of parameters, making the effects an integral part of the performative sound design.

The Yamaha CK series comes in two different sizes. The CK88 features 88 GHS keys, accommodating the piano-oriented player. The CK61, on the other hand, employs lightweight FSB keys for keyboard players looking for a versatile wealth of sounds in a compact, mobile instrument. Both CK88 and CK61 are designed to be played anywhere: the CK61 weighs in at 5.6 kg, and the CK88 with its weighted GHS keys is just over 13 kg. For increased comfort when carrying the instruments around, soft cases are available for both models.

Prices and availability

The Yamaha CK88 and CK61 are available from April 2023. RRP Below:

CK88: 1567.20 GBP Including VAT

CK61: 1008.00 GBP Including VAT

Yamaha Music Europe GmbH Profile

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